Core Snatch Faja

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Customers who choose Medium typically have a waist inch size between
35.4" - 37.8"
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40.2" - 42.5"
42.5" - 44.8"
30.7" - 33.1"
28.3" - 30.7"
26" - 28.3"
33.1" - 35.4"
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If extra stomach fat or diastasis recti has visited your doorstep for far too long, if you have a weak abdominal section, you absolutely need this shaper! This Faja strengthens your core and bonds your muscles back together. The Faja prevents you from gaining more weight in your stomach, back, and lower abdominal area. This faja shapes your body into a natural slim, hourglass figure and has helped thousands of women recover their pre-baby body. Treat yourself to our high waisted booty plumping shaper. Add a comfortable snatch & lift with naturally rounded buttocks. The design of our shaper will make your booty pop, while our seamless designs will be totally unnoticeable, flatten the waist and smooth the love handles out girl.

There is NO padding on the butt, the material is just shiny

Results & Effect:
• Instant butt lift effect
• Perfect hourglass shape
• No hard sweat exercise or invasive surgery is necessary 
• Sexy look under your favorite outfits

Zipper on crotch to easily use the restroom