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Best waist trainer i've ever used. Noticed my box shaped waist start changing shape after a couple weeks and honestly was shocked! My stomach is much flatter and I've been losing weight in my midsection

Gianna Brooks
Los Angeles, CA

OMG Ladies. If you are looking for good shapewear thats going to reshape your body in a dress and hold in those busting out bulging places then you need to BUY this. When I first looked at it I wasnt sure about the size because it looked very small. I order a 5xl I just had a baby 3 months ago and my stomach still looklikeim pregnant. I bought this for my post wedding reception dress with this on it make the dress look so much better and it makes my butt look lifted and plump. I love this shaper and it have the zipper underneath so youdonthave to pull it off when you go to the bathroom. The first time you put it on its going to be hard but the shaper will fit to you body the longer you wear it.

Bri Marie
Detroit, MI

Whoever says waist training doesnt work is a lie chile! Im so glad i got it, absolutely 5 stars from me

Jayla T
Baltimore, MD

my favorite leggings. I wear them under my jeans and they snatch me up so perfect!

Mika W
Los Angeles, CA

Feeling more like myself every day and I'm loving every second of it. My shape is finally coming back and Im beyond excited

Sabrina G
Memphis, TN

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