Sculpted Hourglass Waist Trainer Vest

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The upgraded version of the Sculpted Hourglass Waist Trainer is going to blow your mind if you have back problems, poor posture, and/or back fat you need to burn off. This waist trainer is designed specifically for natural women to help strengthen your core, bind your muscles back together and dissolve stomach, back, and waist fat. The design of our waist trainer stretches from the upper back to smooth out back fat and creates a sexy flat stomach from the top of your stomach to the pubic area. Our custom cut allows for a seamless and comfortable fit that’s not too high, and not too low! Also feel the ease of Immediate relief for from back pain. The waist trainer helps prevent weight gain in your abdominal area and dissolves the fat in your stomach without causing excess sweating. Wear your waist trainer for 3-6 hours a day for best results.