Shapewear and Waist Trainers For Natural Bodies and Natural Women

Shapewear 101 – What is the Best Shapewear for YOU?

Ever felt like a lump here and a bump there keeps getting in the way of that perfect outfit in your closet? Enter the body-sculpting magic of shapewear!

As much as we should love who we are all the time, sometimes we need a little support with our insecurities. Maybe you’re a mom struggling with postpartum weight loss. Perhaps it’s the annoying lumpy cellulite on your thighs and butt. Or some not-so-round curves that slowly eat away at your self-esteem. And sometimes you just need a little lift in your butt, or you want the girls to pop. 

We all have our problem areas. But the best shapewear can help you feel and look more confident than ever. Body shapewear is the ultimate hack to look fabulous in whatever attire you throw on. It’s like a flawless TikTok or Instagram filter to your living, breathing body. Well, as long as you get it right.

Fall in love with your shape with these tips and tricks on finding the best shapewear for your unique needs:

What Do You Want to Boost (Or Suppress)?

Where do your insecurities lie? Finding the best shapewear starts with understanding your problem areas. Be honest with yourself and single out areas of your body that could use some toning and control. 

If you feel your bottom needs a boost to pull off that chic jumpsuit or leggings, shapewear booty lifting shorts or even shapewear booty lifting leggings are great picks to help shape your butt, legs, and thighs.  

Self-conscious about your torso? Smooth and shape your midsection with shapewear thong panties or mid-waist panties. And if you need a little more shapewear tummy control—especially for postpartum recovery—quality waist trainers can be the perfect solution to reduce the waistline and protect your back. 

Then there are those of us who need support in more than one area. A full-body shaper is the best shapewear for that juicy all-over physique. The right shapewear bodysuit will suck in all problem areas and bring out your natural curves, top to bottom. 

What Outcome Do You Want?

What’s your outfit? And how hard do you want the body shapewear to work? When shopping for the best shapewear for your needs, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for compression.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear, no-frills option with light shapewear tummy control, try mid-waist panties or shapewear thong panties. The light control gets the job done but in a subtle way—so much so that you might not realize you have shapewear on.

Firm control women’s shapewear is designed for queens who want to accentuate their curves in target areas while still maintaining a level of freedom. It’s like the middle ground—and a result, the most popular category. Some options that might pique your interest include comfortable waist trainers, booty lifting corsets, or shapewear shorts.  

Got a special occasion where you need to bring your A-game? Own that sassy bodycon outfit with a little help from extra firm control shapewear. This level of compression re-sculpts or reshapes your body for a toned shape. 

What is the Best Shapewear for Your Body Shape?


Here's a quick exercise for you. Look at one of your full-body pics or stare at the mirror for a second. What’s your body shape? Hourglass, rectangle, apple, strawberry, or pear? The best shapewear is that which complements or accentuates your body shape. 

  • 🍐Pear Body Shape: A pear slim at the top and rounded at the bottom. This body shape is perfectly paired with shapewear leggings or shorts.
  • 🍎Apple Body Shape: Apples tend to carry some extra weight in the midsection and could use shapewear for tummy control. Look for waist trainers, mid-waist panties, or full-body shapers that target the stomach area.
  • Hourglass Body Shape: Got a naturally contoured waist and same-size hips and shoulders? You’re an hourglass. Your goal with body shapewear should revolve around smoothing your waist, tucking away that muffin top, or pushing for some extra shaping power. Consider comfortable waist trainers, corsets, and full-body shapers.
  • 📏Rectangle Body Shape: Rectangles are characterized by slim hips, a small bust, and a straight torso. If you fall into this category, you’re likely after a curvier look. And if so, shapewear booty lifting shorts are your best friend.
  • 🍓Strawberry Body Shape: A strawberry girl is defined by a large bust, wide shoulders, and narrow hips. Open-bust or waist-focused shapewear options are best for your body shape. 

Bossci Glam – For the Best Shapewear 

Still confused and unsure of the right body shapewear for you? We got your back, sis—as always 😉! Bossci Glam offers a simple quiz to help you narrow down your ideal shapewear. No matter your body shape, goals, or insecurities, there’s a shapewear design to bring out the gorgeous queen in you. 

Shop with confidence, dress in confidence.