Thermal Belly Wrap

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Introducing Bossci Glam’s Thermal Belly Wrap, designed to elevate your belly temperature, promoting the release of fat and toxins and aiding in the elimination of water weight from your waist and tummy area. This innovative wrap synergizes seamlessly with our Lipo Melt Cream, enhancing its effectiveness by concentrating the product over your pores with gentle pressure, facilitating greater absorption. With its sauna-like characteristics, our wrap controls evaporation, opens pores, and stimulates sweating, intensifying the effects of your slimming regimen.

Whether used independently or in conjunction with our other slimming products, our wrap serves as an excellent abdomen stimulant, elevating the body temperature in targeted areas to promote detoxification and the shedding of excess water weight. This can be paired under the sculpted hourglass waist trainer but please pay attention to your body. Do not wear together for longer than 3 hours and/if you feel any discomfort. 

Instructions for optimal use: Apply the Lipo Melt cream to the target area, then place the wrap directly onto the skin, overlapping it at least three times. Ensure coverage from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen and secure the wrap in place to prevent rolling during exercise. For optimal results, use for a minimum of 60 minutes daily, whether at home, work, or during exercise, or as recommended by your doctor.

As a precaution, for prolonged use exceeding one hour or for individuals with sensitive skin, it's advisable to periodically monitor the skin underneath the wrap. Each roll of our product measures 9.8 inches wide by 131 feet (25cm by 40m), providing ample coverage for consistent and effective use. Melt away belly fat fast while on the move your slimming routine with Bossci Glams Thermal Wrap