Bossci Glam Wrap Race At Fairlane Mall



Let’s show Fairlane how we party!!!
Join Bossci Glam and Ryan T’s in the lobby in front of our store to attend our wrap race contest! You can’t compete in this on your own so bring ya mama, daddy or your bestie to try to win two FREE Bossci Glam wraps!

We will do a total of 3 races!
1st place will win 2 free wraps
2nd Place will win 50% off two bounce back wraps (basically buy 1 get 1 free)
3rd place will win 20% off two bounce back wraps
✅How To Win: Round 1, you must have the best and completed wrap within 20 seconds. (Half of the players will be eliminated in the first round!)
✅Round 2: Same as above but only the best 5 teams will remain!
✅Round 3: The top 3 teams will compete for 1st 2nd and 3rd place!

We are partnering with Ryan T’s Soulfood for delicious desserts while we all play, laugh, shop, dance and have a damn good time!

Come support two black owned businesses at the same time and have a ball with us!
TEXT ‘WRAPPED’ TO +1 276-299-4253 TO RSVP