One on one business mentoring

One on one business mentoring

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How I got my business to grow so quickly?

There are a million questions to ask and a million questions to be answered, trust me I know!


It’s the advent of E-Commerce, and the rate of success for a few entrepreneurs out there is undeniable. Keyword - a few. It’s easy to get set up and get started, what’s difficult is to keep your business on track and hiking to success, especially with such a saturated crowd right now.


I’m here to make sure you take all the right steps that can secure your place in the vastness of the online business. If you take my course for a One on One Business Mentoring, I will be your reliable guide sister to success as a fellow woman entrepreneur


What you’ll get:

  1. Strategy Review and Objectives - It’s good to have a baseline to know where you’re at and where you need to go. You can’t get the gold if you don’t have the roadmap, right? We will provide a pdf analysis of your store.
  2. We will have up to an in depth zoom meeting and screen sharing session to go over every aspect you need help with in your business 
  3. Overall business and marketing Analysis  - Those numbers are there for a reason, and I will help you make the best use of the data and information right at hand! We will prepare a PDF document of several key points and tips that will absolutely grow your business and give you better results. If you’re like me, I like to highlight things and read them over which is why I provide a PDF document as well. 
  4. Branding Guidance  - Feel the pulse of the crowd, and connect with the people who will actually give you money AKA your crowd! What better way than clear cut data to know what makes your customers lift their fingers and click on your products? From the product all the way down to the buyers journey and sales funnel.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed - even I did too - which is why it’s always wise to have a helping hand to get you going. This is the right time to keep on that momentum, so take a course of One on One Business Mentoring with me today!


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