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Once I mastered customer retention, I saw a huge growth in consistent sales in my business! A lot of new boutique owners are always chasing the new customer, which is great and all but what about the people who already committed to your business?! Those customers are literally gold to your business. Here’s a few statistics to soak in

✨65% of sales from a successful business come from past customers

✨Past customers spend 79% more than new customers

✨Past customers are 6-12x more likely to buy from you than new customers

Growing your customer base is very important but neglecting your past customers is extremely detrimental to your business and will kill your chances of growing your revenue. This is an absolute MUST if you want to grow your business and sales drastically.

Myself, having a bachelors in business administration and masters in business growth strategy and design as well as my partner Daniel who’s a decade strong expert in Marketing will create your funnels and segments for you

This includes: 
(1) Abandoned cart Series
(2) Customer winback Series
(3) Browse Abandonment Series
(4) Product re view
(5) Customer thank you
(6) Order confirmation
(7) Shipping confirmation
(8) Enticing Newsletter Flow



And customer segmentation allowing you to target customers based on what they like and their behavior. Sending emails to your whole list is a big No No in most scenarios because all your customers are different. You need to target strategically or things won’t work. Let us set this up for you so that customers automatically receive emails based on their needs, and you will be able to target your customers successfully in the future. This service typically takes us 7-10 Days as we customize and beautify every single email. Presentation is key so we never participate in rushed work. We will make your emails specific to your customer and brand niche to capture their attention easily. This requires a few days of research into your business



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