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Started a business and not sure why you’re not growing as much as you’d like to?  Or, how you can grow faster and become much more successful in your business?

Allow my team to create a detailed and thorough report of your website and any issues your store may have that is holding you back. We will sit down and have a detailed run down of everything via zoom where I can provide additional tips and talk to you personally about your business and how it can grow.

My Team:

Marc has a bachelors degree in marketing and runs 2 successful Shopify brands. He has been training business owners all over the country for 6 years.

 I myself how a bachelors degree in business administration and a masters degree in business management and growth with a concentration in design. My business has reached 6 figure months a lot faster than most.


What do you get?: A full digital review of your online store And a thorough list about anything that needs changing, improvements, and/or additions and how. Following our guide will improve sales and customer engagement. We believe in professional and high quality work! We will not stop until you are satisfied and you may ask any additional questions you have. Our heart‘s heart mentoring session will probably be your favorite part! We get deep we get detailed and we get the bag



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